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Hello and welcome,

franchise consultants!

Hand-over your digital marketing strategies to us.

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Let us help you generate

warmed-up, qualified clients

by building strategic marketing workflows

Network Tech Ai Line



Network Tech Ai Line

Are you a franchise consultant striving to make a significant impact

but struggling to keep up with digital marketing and lead nurturing?

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You’re not alone...

Many consultants face challenges such as:

  • Keeping up with digital marketing trends feels like running in quicksand.

  • The lead nurturing process is hit or miss, with potential goldmines slipping through the cracks.

  • Your day is consumed by tasks that don't directly help you convert leads into franchise success stories.

Every lead left unattended is an opportunity lost, and in the fast-paced world of franchise consulting, time is not just money; it's potential impact wasted.

Network Tech Ai Line

Here's the cold, hard truth...

Without a streamlined approach to digital marketing and lead nurturing,

your business risks stagnation.

But worry not—I'm here to help.

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Hi, I’m Andrea!

A mom, wife, and co-founder of Virtually Done For You (VDFY).

I've journeyed from an international fast-food manager to empowering franchise consultants like you, through tailored digital marketing strategies.

My story is one of resilience, adaptation, and success—despite the odds.

Let's connect and create a brighter future together 💖

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We focus on creating series of emails, calls, and LinkedIn message sequences to regularly engage, nurture, and build relationships with your old and new leads.

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With VDFY, you can expect:

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Lead Conversion:

Turning cold leads into eager franchisees.

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Streamlined Processes:

More time for what truly matters—your consultancy.

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Grow your business while helping others achieve their dreams.

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Network Tech Ai Line


We know that as a franchise consultant, you have multiple priorities,

which is why outsourcing to us is a smart decision to support your business growth

Our 4-step process



Schedule Your Discovery Call

Let's dive deep into your current challenges and dreams.

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Tailored Marketing Strategy

I will prepare a customized plan that speaks to your specific needs.

Book Your Project

Secure your spot by settling the upfront payment and let's start transforming your approach.


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Project Kickoff

Watch as your tailored strategy comes to life, from LinkedIn campaigns to lead nurturing scripts.


Network Tech Ai Line

But don’t take it from me...

Take it from some of the franchise consultants we’ve helped.

Love notes from our amazing clients

Network Tech Ai Line

Still unsure?

Here are some frequently asked questions...

What am I getting?

You’re getting a tailored marketing strategy for your consultancy business.

What services are included in the offer?

The marketing strategy that you will receive will include LinkedIn outreach, email campaigns, lead calling and content marketing -- all in one offer, all done for you!

What do you need from me to make this work?

Your TRUST 😉

How did you come up with this offer?

I have been working with franchise consultants for almost 8 years now. I’ve seen and experienced the different marketing strategies of various franchise consultants. Most of them (if not all) purchases leads from lead portals, hire a telemarketing person to call the lead a few number of times, send a couple of emails -- then done.

Leads will be left untouched in their CRMs.

So I came up with this all-in-one nurturing strategy because after all, your leads might not be ready to acquire a franchise right away but maybe after 6 months or a year.

Ready to transform your consultancy?

Don't let another lead slip through.

Network Tech Ai Line
Network Tech Ai Line

Reclaim your time. Enhance your impact.

Let’s help others find success and happiness through franchise ownership

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